Demerit Points (2nd in a series) – Ministry Warnings

When a driver is convicted of a traffic offence, the information of this conviction is conveyed to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles who assigns the demerit points against the driver (previous article). As these demerit points accumulate, the driver may not be aware of the number of points he/she has accumulated.

When is the driver made aware of the consequences? Continue reading

Demerit Points (1st in a series) – Who Has Authority to Record Demerit Points?

 Demerit points are points recorded against a driver when that driver is convicted of specific Highway Traffic offences.  An accumulation of points may result in a driver having his driving privileges suspended. In this series of articles about demerit points, drivers may be able to benefit from the answers to questions posed in each article.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “Who has authority to assign demerit point against drivers?”  Many drivers believe the courts have authority to give or reduce demerit points. Continue reading