Rules of Conduct

When you participate in this blog by posting information to it, you agree without exception to obey the Rules of Conduct (known as “the Rules”) as set out as follows:

  1. Only post information that you believe to be complete and accurate and will, whenever possible, provide sources and links.
  2. Respect the comments and opinions of others.
  3. Do not engage in rude comments.
  4.  Refrain from posting contents just to be shocking or graphic.
  5. Do not post another person’s personal and/or confidential information.
  6. Do not mislead or confuse readers by pretending to be someone you are not, such as representing or being associated with an organization when such is not the case.
  7. Do not encourage others to commit illegal or unlawful actions.
  8. Not engage in spam.
  9. Do not transmit or insert viruses, pop-ups or software which may impact readers with malicious code.
  10. Do not advertise or sell on the site or use the site for commercial purpose.


I, Carl Wais, owner of this blog:

  1. reserve the sole right to determine what violates the Rules
  2. regularly review this site for violations of the Rules; and
  3. will take appropriate action against any violators of the Rules.

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